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Congleton - Thursday 26th May.

Congleton - Thursday 26th May.

Hi Lovely people,

What a lovely weekend it was. We went for a lovely walk with Thomas to Quarry Bank Mill, Styal (and a pint at The Ship...obviously). Thomas was LOVING the woods and gardens in full bloom.

Given how well we're doing with our 12th June programme and how well you've done with When we were young (I'm adding this song to the 12th June programme by the way). I want to spend some time looking at the other songs we've not practiced in a little while whilst also maintaining and strengthening the 12th June programme. It's a big list but here goes:

Mister Blue Sky

When We Were Young (revision)

Lion King Medley


This is why we sing

Under The Moon Of Love


Let The River Run

See you then for more magic,



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