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December Concert Programme and Monday 7th November Schedule

Hello everyone, hope you’re well. Thanks for a great rehearsal on Monday. Some really fantastic sounds happening JThe programme for the December Concerts (subject to slight change!) will be as follows:

· Mister Blue Sky: 3,26

· O Holy Night: 4,15

· Les Mis Medley: 8,34

· Let it Go: 3,40

· From A Distance: 4,13

· Let The River Run: 3,17

· Xmas Carol Medley: 3,58

· A Million Dreams: 4,33

· Christmas Medley: 5,07

The schedule for Monday 7th November will be as follows:

· Mister Blue Sky

· O Holy Night

· Fairytale in New York (I’d really like to try to include this in the concert programme but realise it’s completely new. Let’s see how we get on!)

· A Million Dreams

As always, if you can bring your own music, that’d be great and if you need copies printing, I can do so at £1 per number but please let me know at by the weekend so I can arrange this.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday, have a good rest of week.

Sufia x


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