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Harpenden blog!

Hey everyone.

Really quick one this week.

This coming Monday we're just running the entire show ready for the Thursday concert.

In the dropbox folder from before is the final program with the updated lyrics, so you can print those

if you want to!

The concert on the 12th Dec is confirmed as well for anyone who can make it!

We're meeting at Harpenden memorial hospital for 12pm for a 12:30pm start for 30 minutes.

Set list to follow next week.

If you can bring some black and red with xmas highlights that'd be great, but no stress at all if not.

After the concert, we have two more sessions in December, so we'll have a debrief and sing through

our greatest hits of 2023 on the 11th, then a mini Christmas concert for any friends and family who want

to come down on the final session on the 18th, followed by a party!

Bring food and drink like last time!

Can't wait!



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