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Leamington 7th December

Dear lovely Leamington,

As I mentioned at the end of rehearsal last week, I'm very sad to say that this will my last session with you. I've loved every moment of it, and you've been an inspiring and welcoming group; I'm proud of every minute of music-making we've managed over the past few years! Thank you so much for your company, friendship, and fun.

But, not to go out on a low; let's have a good old fashioned Magic Voices sing-song. With that in mind, I propose we do an MV greatest hits festival!

I'm going to offer a few items into the mix that I just have to hear, but I think we can have some suggestions from the room too. Bring your whole folder (MV or VV, it doesn't matter), and we'll just have a blast singing through some of our favourites.

My short list includes:

Les Mis Medley

Bring Him Home

Beautiful Medley

Bridge over Troubled Water

Somewhere only we know

Sister Act 2 Medley (I will follow him etc.)

And we can play with many more :)

We'll have a chat about who you'll have for the rehearsal next week; a new young man called Arthur, a fantastic pianist with whom I studied in Birmingham. He's a lovely chap, and you'll love him!

I'm desperately sad to be leaving you, but we'll still see lots of each other working together as the 'Big 3' Midlands choirs. I'm sure I'll see you all again in the 2022 very soon,

See you all tomorrow



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