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Marple 27th February

Marple Choir:

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely break last week…

We are back!!

We have decided that for now, we would like to continue at Marple Hall School. I did get some votes for the Methodist Church, but as it was a little too cramped and as the weather warms up, it might be just too stuffy.

So our search continues, but for now, we will be back at Isherwood Hall (that’s the second Hall on the left.

We will have a good chat about our exciting concert plans for this year too!

This week, please bring:

Little Help From My Friends

I Can See Clearly

Billy Joel Medley.

We certainly will start a new song next week, but is like to finish I Can See Clearly first as well as getting to the finish line with Uptown Girl!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday Evening!

Mike 🙂


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