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Marple, Wilmslow and Hale Magic Voices This Week - 17/7/31

Hi Everyone!

Please read below as sessions are slightly different this week!

Marple, nothing new to print, but this week, an old friend of the choir will be leading the session, Ged Marciniak! :)

Ged is lots of fun and will continue with all our current songs!

Wilmslow - session as usual! I will see you there!

Hale, this week, we have a guest MD. I will be there too and I would really like you to be there to help audition Clary for our new Liverpool choir.

Clary will focus on California Dreaming (we won’t spend too long on this, but I wanted her to teach you something that we haven’t done before.

We will then get stuck into our Les Mis Medley as this will be our finale for our concert in October.

Please bring everything along to the session!

See you all soon,



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