We will not be asking for COVID passes from FEB 2022 in line with government advice

How much will the  choirs be? 


It will be £105 every FOUR months (not THREE as we used to). Couples still get the same discount as before. Obviously this is a LOT cheaper than £115 every quarter. There is also a monthly option of £27.50. 

Summer Choirs.

For some people, a summer holiday will be too long to break from choir. So we will be offering special Summer Terms for those that would like to continue through the summer. They will likely have a theme to them. More details on this next summer!

What will happen to the online choirs?


All subscriptions to Magic Voices Online will be cancelled. We will invite you to join Planet Choir at a discounted rate. Planet Choir will be first with Magic Voices new arrangements so anything you learn here will apply to Magic Voices too. 


Do I have to pay online subs in the summer?


If you have enrolled in the summer term, your online subs will be cancelled and the online choir will be free. 


Will the online choirs continue after summer? 

After summer that, it will be offered at a discount of £9.95 per month to all Magic Voices paying members or £14.95 per month to non paying members. 


I am owed x weeks from last term. What happens about this?


We know we owe many of you some weeks. We won’t be able to do this all at once. If we did, we would be bankrupt within 3 weeks (that’s not an exaggeration). So what we are planning to do is to spread it out over time and give you the free sessions as fast as we can while still keeping our heads above water. So for example, we might do 3 choirs in the first term (September) and 3 choirs in the next and so on. If we can go any faster on this, we certainly will! From our point of view, the sooner this can be done, the better. But we must also ensure we survive long enough to honour the free sessions.


Is my choir director returning?


Simon and Toby are no longer with us for various reasons (other commitments really). Things obviously can change a lot in 18 months. We will miss them!


What will happen in September? 


From September, we will be running a similar schedule to most other choirs that mostly follows the school term. You can find out the prices by clicking on the “join” tab on the website. It is considerably cheaper than before as we will be running fewer nights per year.

What about “tokens”?


We will no longer be running the “token” system. 


What happens to my current tokens?


Current tokens will be valid from JULY 25th until NOVEMBER 16th. After that, they can no longer be used. 

What if government restrictions shut the choirs down again?

In this event, we will move back online Monday to Thursday as before. Please note, we will be unable to offer any refunds. Any online sessions will be equivalent to live sessions and will be termly.