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Terms & Conditions

Magic Voices Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property and Usage Rights

  1. The harmonies, concepts, and arrangements featured in "Magic Voices" are the exclusive property of "Magic Voices." By participating in any rehearsal, performance, workshop, or event, participants agree not to use, modify, copy, or replicate any of the provided resources, techniques, and ideas outside of "Magic Voices" activities. Unauthorized use may result in legal action against the infringing individual.

Membership and Admissions

  1. "Magic Voices" reserves the right to deny admission or terminate the membership of any individual who fails to meet the required standards or is suspected of joining for the purpose of misusing access to the intellectual property or brand of "Magic Voices."

  2. "Magic Voices" conducts 37 sessions annually, in addition to any concerts. We reserve the right to modify the schedule to accommodate performances and other events.

  3. A minimum group size is required for sessions to proceed. Should this minimum not be met, members will receive a full refund of any fees paid.

  4. In case of session cancellation due to adverse weather conditions (e.g., snow), refunds will not be provided. Efforts will be made to open the venue or, when possible, provide an online session instead.

  5. Cancellation of a monthly subscription results in a minimum four-month suspension of membership, during which re-joining "Magic Voices" is not permitted.

  6. Refunds are only issued if sessions are cancelled by us. Members may continue to attend until the end of their current subscription period.

Member Access

  1. The members' area is accessible to those with active subscriptions. Cancellation of your subscription/direct debit results in loss of access.

Facebook Groups

  1. Active subscription is required for membership in our Facebook group(s). Cancelled memberships cannot be accommodated.


  • The membership fee for "Magic Voices" is distributed evenly over 12 months, regardless of whether payments are made monthly or quarterly. This fee structure is designed to cover 37 sessions plus 4 concerts within the membership year. Regardless of the timing of your joining, we guarantee at least 37 sessions. If a session is cancelled for reasons other than a scheduled break, we will ensure the session is rescheduled for a later date, thus maintaining the promised number of sessions.

Schedule and Breaks

  • "Magic Voices" observes a 4-week break during August, contrary to the common 6-week summer break, and includes breaks during "half terms." It's important to note that these breaks are specific to "Magic Voices" and may not align with local school holiday schedules, which can vary by region. While we strive to coordinate our breaks closely with school terms, there may be occasional discrepancies. Members will receive specific break and term details from their choir director, which may, on rare occasions, differ from the general term calendar available in the members' area.

Health and Safety

  1. "Magic Voices" is not liable for personal injury or damage to belongings during participation in activities.

  2. Members are responsible for their own safety and property during all activities.

  3. Members must arrange their own transportation to and from rehearsals and performances.

Code of Conduct

  1. "Magic Voices" is committed to fostering a safe and positive environment. Acceptable behavior from all members is essential.

  2. Members are expected to be punctual, adhere to schedules, and follow guidelines.

  3. Members must follow the direction of the director and official staff, cooperate with others, and support an inclusive environment. Failure to do so may result in termination of membership without a refund.

  4. "Magic Voices" will not bear financial responsibility for damages resulting from misconduct.

Data Protection

Personal information held by "Magic Voices" will not be shared with external parties without member consent. Communication will be conducted via post and/or email unless otherwise specified.


"Magic Voices" reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

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