Magic Voices opens on a termly basis.  As well as the rehearsals, we also perform at least 4 local concerts per year. In addition, we usually do one HUGE concert in a concert hall where we join the choirs together. 

Membership of Magic Voices costs £105 every 4 months (£315 per year).

There is also a monthly option which is £27.50 per month. Please note that this costs a little more than joining termly

There is a 50% discount for couples membership.  In other words, the second member only pays half price. 

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Magic Voices Couples (£157.50 every 4 Months.)

Magic Voices Termly (£105 every 4 Months.)

Magic Voices Monthly Instalments (£27.50)

Magic Voices Couples Monthly Instalments (£41.25)