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22nd June Rehearsal and 25th June Concert

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I wanted to say so sorry for what happened on Wednesday, the last thing I wanted to do was pull the rehearsal but by the time we had got to 7.45 and hadn't been offered a suitable room, I felt that I had no other choice. I've been talking with Mike and we're working out a point to make up the rehearsal to you at a later date.

Obviously, this was less than ideal at the best of times, let alone with a concert coming up, so if you are singing on the 25th and have a chance to practice the set with the tracks on the website, that would be much appreciated.

For the rehearsal on Wednesday, I'm waiting on confirmation to confirm what room we are in, so if you assume that we will be back in the hall as usual, but if we are elsewhere, I will send out an email and let you know as soon as I know.

Could we please bring all the material for the concert, and I will make sure we run through everything at least once, also this will be the running order for the concert, if you would like to get your music in order:

South Pacific

From a Distance

The Rose


Scarborough Fair

Why We Sing

For the concert, here are the details:

Location: Romiley Park, attached is a map of the park, we'll be singing in the circle part of the park, so could we meet by the Sandy Lane entrance by 11.40 at the latest.

Set times: We'll be on at 12.00 so meet by 11.40 and we'll be singing for 30 minutes.

Dress Code: Black with a splash of red if you have anything

I think that's everything but please do let me know if I've missed any information or if you have any questions.

See you on Wednesday!



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