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Hi Apples

Thanks for such a great session this week. You are certainly showing the new joiners and tasters what you can do! The two new medleys are coming on a storm, and you all seem to be really enjoying learning them, judging by the sound!

Next week's programme looks like this:

SCARBOROUGH FAIR MEDLEY  - it's been ages since we've done this I know, but I thought a trip down memory lane would be good

LION KING - please make sure you now have the whole medley printed now

MAMMA MIA - continuing into Supertrooper section

FIELDS OF GOLD - again, an old favourite.

Just to reiterate for new members, you can print or download all sheet music here:

and also listen to tracks here too. I would always ask you to print off the full choir score (as opposed to just your part) as it is a much more useful experience to see what the other parts are doing in relation to your own. Please also consider joining the facebook page for your choir. Can I also suggest that you bring a pencil to write a few notes on your music - it really does help!

I have had a few members saying that when they reply to the programme email it bounces straight back. This may be to do with the fact that Andy sends these via Mail Chimp. If you need to contact me in response to the programme email or for anything else connected with the choir (not money or membership queries - they are for Andy and Mike!, or, then please write a new email, rather than clicking on reply, to

One thing that I am particularly proud of is that I run 3 different choirs a week (240 members in total!) and I know every single one of you by name! I would like to continue that to include the new influx of members. So please could all new joiners, for these first few weeks, come and check in with me personally at the beginning of each session, so that I can tick you off the register, and so that I can put a face to the name. Many thanks in advance for this.

See you next week

Andrew x


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