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Well Apples, Monday night is going to be a difficult one for us all.

Andrea spoke to me some time ago about exactly what she wanted, and she wanted the choir to sing for her. My instant reaction was that I just couldn't do it, but she then said that if I didn't she'd haunt me!!!! And then I thought, if I can give a eulogy at my dad's funeral, I can conduct you guys - it will be the last thing I can do for her. And I would like as many of you as possible to help and join me in a song for her at the reception following the funeral. Of course, it won't be easy for any of us, and I will quite understand if some of you feel that can't do it, but I will take numbers on Monday night and then report back to Pete.

Please bring:


BEAUTIFUL - the Carol King medley - this has always been one we've enjoyed singing and will cheer us all up a little

SOUTH PACIFIC, which is now finished, but needs a bit of tidying up


We will play the session by ear and see what we want to get through. One thing I do know is that Andrea would have wanted us to carry on as normal, even though things have changed and will be far from normal. But let's remember, Andrea was full of joy, and one of the most positive and vibrant people I, for one, have ever known. Of course, hers was a life unfairly cut short, but let's try to celebrate that life as best we can.

Much love to you all, and see you on Monday

Andrew x


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