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August 8th Rehearsal Schedule

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all keeping as cool as possible and thanks to all who braved it on Monday, particularly Charles who single handedly provided all the baritone parts with precision and flair, as always :) To everyone else, I hope you’re all well and managing ok in this heat. Please note, THERE WILL BE A 2 WEEK BREAK FOR SUMMER, details are in the calendar in the members area. The schedule for Monday 8thAugust 2022 will be as follows:

· Jersey Boys Medly

· A Million Dreams

· South Pacific Medley

· Adimeus

As always, if you can bring your own music, that’d be great and if you need copies printing, I can do so at £1 per number but please let me know ideally by the weekend so I can arrange this.

Look forward to seeing you in 3 weeks time, keep safe and cool!

Sufia x


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