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Cheadle Tuesday 26th July

Hello lovely people, quite a long message coming here. Firstly, here’s the songs for this week. We should get Hushabye mountain almost finished and carry on with the Beatles. Keeping the rest of our programme up to standard is really important for future performances.

Hushabye Mountain Beatles Medley

The Rose Reach Les Mis

I was going to discuss the following with you in person but due to the rehearsal postponement I couldn’t! RNCM concert: bringing these performances together is a really tricky business and involves grouping choirs. The long and short of this is that we would have had to learn approx TEN new songs in about TEN rehearsals between now and November which is just impossible. There are other factors as well.

We have decided to do the following this year which I‘m excited about. Joining Congleton and Cheadle choirs together again at on Sunday 6th November at CONGLETON TOWN HALL which is truly beautiful room. This time we will be accompanied by a professional band! We will add the new songs we are learning to most of the programme from the last concert.

Tickets are £10 and we are hoping each person performing will buy at least two tickets each. These are available on the magic voices website. I’m happy to answer any questions you have via email or in person when I see you. If you cannot perform on 6th Nov its no problem but it’s important to let me know. Please do this for all performances.

Re rehearsals: we are now rehearsing the next three Tuesdays and will then break for two weeks (ie no rehearsals on 16th and 23rd Aug)

See you tomorrow.



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