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Hi Chorleyans

Well sung last night everyone!

Just a quick update on your "big" concert on Sunday 12th May. The performance will start at 6.30pm - earlier than usual, so you will all be fresh faced for work in the morning! 

The choir will start rehearsing sometime between 1.30 and 2.30pm (depending on how long the band call is) - further details nearer the time. 

Refreshments will be provided by the venue, and you'll get a break between rehearsal and concert for you to get changed and go for tea. 

There will be 300 seats in the auditorium and tickets will be available to buy soon. Andy and Mike will let you know.

The programme is attached - notice a few changes! Mamma Mia (assuming it's finished in time!) and Lion King have replaced Oliver and Billy Joel.

We have 4 sessions when we return after Easter to get ready. In each session we will recap a a clutch of 3 or 4 songs from the programme, and then carry on learning the new songs alongside. Please note, recaps only, NOT re teaching! So please take the opportunity over the break to go over them yourselves. They are so "ingrained", I'm hoping it will all come flooding back!

Members who have joined this year, there will be another concert opportunity on Saturday 6th July at Croston Church in which ALL members are welcome to perform.

We are now on Easter break for the next 2 weeks and we return on Thursday 18th April. I will contact you again before term restarts with a programme email. In the meantime, Happy Easter Chorleyans!

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Andrew x


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