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Chorley Concert Postponed

Unfortunately we discovered yesterday that Chorley council had double booked the hall for this coming Sunday! We called them yesterday to talk about final details of the event which is when we discovered the problem. At first we thought we had done something wrong ourselves but we really hadn’t. They simply were not communicating with each other in the council. Anyway, there is a solution!

We have managed to secure a re-booking for Saturday December 2nd and this is now confirmed. It took 24 hours to get this all in place which is why I am emailing you now. To be fair to the council, they did move heaven and earth to make this happen once they were aware of their error so I am grateful to them. We are all human and mistakes can happen. The important thing is that they have tried everything in their power to fix it.

There are bound to be members and ticket holders that have a problem with this date for various reasons. I am very sorry if this is the case! Obviously if you are unable to make the new date, I will refund your ticket.

I will be coming to the Chorley session myself on Thursday to tell you this in person as I think it’s good to put a real face to important emails like this one.

Once again, I am very very sorry for this mix-up. I do think we now have a great solution but I do realise this won’t suit everyone.

You will likely receive several emails about this as I am going to also send it using a different method AND I will be emailing everyone who bought a ticket (which may well be you too).

I will see you tomorrow at the beginning of your session.



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