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Hi Chorleyans

I've just heard tonight from Chorley Live that we will be performing on Saturday 8th October at St Lawrence's Church at 8pm.

Sorry about the short notice but I only heard myself half an hour ago!

Because of the short notice, I want to change the programme for tomorrow night please.

The programme for the concert is as follows, so I'd be grateful if you could bring all this with you tomorrow:

Under the moon of love

When we were young Somewhere only we know

Daydream believer

Hushabye Mountain

True Colours

Reach for the stars Perfect

I still have faith in you

Love shine a light

Just in case we get through all the above (!) please also bring West Side and South Pacific. We will also have next Thursday night to practise too. Hopefully as many as you can will be able to do this - I think it's a sell out!

See you tomorrow



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