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Hi Chorleyans Thanks for a great night of singing tonight - and a really nice start on THIS IS ME

Programme for next week is as follows: LOVE REALLY HURTS WHY WE SING THI IS ME DAYDREAM BELIEVER Just a word about the end of term - your last session will be on 3rd August and we return on 7th September.

As you may know, your main BIG concert next term will take place on SUN 19TH NOVEMBER at CHORLEY TOWN HALL. You will have a live band, and it will just be all of you singing! There is a link on the website to buy tickets, and here it is: This concert is being organised by Andy and Mike , so please don't bombard me with a load of questions I can't answer! I DO however, want you to think about solos/duets/trios for the concert - ideally I'd like 6 spots (3 in each half), so get talking and get your thinking caps on! You will need to suggest a song to me, which I will listen to in private, and then, if it's chosen, I will give you some coaching. In addition to the above you also have 2 further concerts planned: CHORLEY LIVE on Sat 7th October and, CHRISTMAS AT CROSTON CHURCH on Sunday 3rd December See you next week. Andrew x


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