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Good Morning Chorleyans!

Well, after a very large glass of wine last night, and a good night's sleep, I am feeling extremely refreshed! I hope you are not too shattered after yesterday?

It really was worth waiting for, wasn't it? I don't think I've ever heard you all sing so consistently well and with such vigour and enthusiasm. Thank you all so much for your hard work, your fortitude and your commitment to me, to the choir and to the music. Soloists, you all sang those songs the best I've heard you do them. And Neil, I'm so glad I trusted you with MC duties: you put a lot of research into that narration and it was a real pleasure to see you grow in confidence (think you may have bagged yourself a job for life there!). Many thanks to those who turned up early and stayed late to help with the equipment, to Mike Cawley for his recording work and to Lorraine for her moving words. The band, Ged and Andy, as ever, were total pros and I hope you all enjoyed the experience of performing with live music. Please forgive me if I've missed anyone. So looking forward to seeing how much we raised for Derian House. I've been truly humbled by your lovely comments on Facebook - you really are the best choir I conduct on a Thursday night in Chorley!!!

Anyway, here is the programme for this week:



BILLY JOEL - I would like to resurrect this one. I know I replaced it with The Lion King for last night's concert, but I am thinking of putting into your Croston programme. We'll see how it goes!

GUYS AND DOLLS - this is a brand new musical theatre medley which Andy has just written. It's a long one and will take some learning, but I know you will be up for the challenge! If you don't want to print off the whole medley just yet, up to bar 92 will last us a few weeks.

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER - an old favourite to end with

We have Croston on 6th July to look forward to, and next term, 3 concerts, more than any of my other choirs! In one of those, you will be sharing the bill with a brass band! So lots to look forward to.


See you on Thursday.

Andrew x


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