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Hi Chorleyans

First of all I just wanted to say what an uplifting night of musicmaking we all had last night! You really were magnificent - probably the best I've heard you!

Next Thursday night we will do exactly the same programme, but I want to try to recreate the Croston conditions as much as possible please - 45 minutes of singing with short breaks between each song for me to introduce each song to the audience, but STANDING for the entire time, to build up your stamina - hope it's a bit cooler, for all our sakes! So please bring all your music in the correct order.


We are singing at Croston, St Michaels and all Angels Church on Saturday 1st July - PR269HA

Our 45 minute set starts at 3pm - please try to be there for 2.45pm.

Standing space is limited so please be prepared to stand close together! Please stand how you stand at rehearsal - if you stand at the back in rehearsal, please don't suddenly charge forward to be on the front row!

DRESS CODE - GENTS - white shirts, black trousers and red ties/bow ties

LADIES - black with red accessories, formal as you like.

Please try to ensure that any music folders are black.

Parking will be available at Bishop Rawstorne Academy School (where we occasionally rehearse) - PR269HH. The car park opens at 10 o’clock and closes at 6 o’clock - this means the gates will be shut (you will not be able to get access to your vehicle until Monday if you do not collect by 6pm)

Leave the car park and turn right and follow the path round for about 150 m . You will see a war memorial on your left. At a sharp right-hand bend carry on forward and you will then see the Grapes pub on your right hand side. Directly opposite the Grapes is Church Street. Down Church Street is the church.

We will find space for your coats and bags in the church.

Coffee day is the village's walking day. The road will be closed from 1:15 until 3 o’clock, hence the reason we park at Bishop Rawstorne school. The walking day procession will be landing back at the church at around 2.45 and we will be part of the entertainment in and around the church following the procession. There will be refreshments available in the old school( tea, coffee and cakes )and entertainment for families and children. Please feel free to bring as many extras as you like. It is a big church and we like to sing to a good crowd There is no charge for coming and joining in.

I think this covers everything.

See you next Thursday night.

Andrew x


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