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Well sung on Saturday Chorleyans - it felt wonderful being back, didn't it?

Same programme on Thursday as last week please - for the Chorley Library performance on Sat 11th at 11am.


Chorley Library
Union Street 

There is parking behind the library and although there may be signs saying 'staff only' ignore that and feel free to park there. It is not monitored on a Saturday.

It may however be busy so there is the Flat Iron car park across the road near Booths and diagonally there is the newly laid car park in front of the Town Hall where the bingo hall used to be

I think there is an offer of free parking for the time allotted so you could get 3 hours ….still need a time of arrival ticket though.

Feel free to bring friends and family. It is a bigger space than Euxton and currently they have no restrictions beyond the usual.

There is no access to the back room at the moment like last time so we will remain in the main library.

There will be refreshments, festive stalls and from 12, children's crafts, and Father Christmas will be popping in.

In the meantime, see you on Thursday!



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