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Congleton and Cheadle - Week Beginning 11th September

Hi lovely people,

I’m going to make a concerted effort to get the programme message out earlier to you so here goes.

Thanks for the fabulous start back this week. You really make a fabulous sound and I miss standing in front of you. Brilliant to be back.

In the interests of preparing for our big show in November I’d like to revisit another song like we did this week. I’d like to look at Mister Blue Sky again as it’s such an amazing song in our “rep”.

Here’s the list including sing through tunes

Don’t stop me now

Mister Blue Sky

I can see clearly

I get around

Why we sing (to supplement the work we did this week)

Looking forward to it already. Watch this space for imminent news about our social night with an informal performance. Confirming these asap.



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