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Congleton Returns!

Hi Everyone!

(Drum Roll please...)

Our choir is Due to return and we are looking at Thursday 9th September! Congleton got off to a terrific start in March last year but as we were doomed by Covid, we realise that for many of you, you hardly got started!

This means that you haven't yet explored our amazing song library or performed a single concert! All this to come!!

Ged is dying to get going with this choir and really lookig forward to getting a great sound from all of you.

For the time being, we have a new venue. This will only be temporary until we can find a hall, but for now, we will be rehearsing here at St John's Church :

We are limited to Street parking, although there is plenty of it. Please let me stress that this is only temporary whilst we find a hall. If anyone has any local inside information or any ideas, please do let me know as I am looking now. :)

As always, if you have any questions, please do get in touch with me at and we look forward to welcoming you back at 7.30pm on the 9th September!

Best wishes,

Mike :)


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