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Copy Of email sent March 23rd

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Some members may not have received this. It it likely in your spam folder (the age old problem!) So I am reposting here in case.

When we resumed last year, we wanted to make the memberships costs as low as possible. To do this, we decided to run a 30 week year (similar to the rock choir).

It has become obvious to both Mike and myself that this was actually not a good idea for Magic Voices! It is not enough nights and it would have meant us running 'summer workshops' (and having to charge charge extra) as well as numorous problems around Christmas concerts. So after much number crunching, we have come up with a 37 week timetable which icludes most of the summer as well as December But we do need to make an adjustment of membership prices in order to make this work. The new membership fees will be £90 per quarter or £30 per month (if you joined recently, it won't change for you of course). Termly choirs were £89 pre-covid so it is just £1 difference from 2 years ago.

It's not a huge difference but for us, it's vital to make these changes as soon as possible. So we will begin to adjust subscriptions over the coming days. So you will likely start to see emails from GoCardless about cancelled subs etc. You can ignore these as you will know what is going on; it is just us cancelling one subscription and then replacing it with another. If you are currently Monthly, then we will keep you monthly and if you are termly then we will keep you termly. I hope that all makes sense and that you understand why we are changing things. If we don't do this, we just couldn't open for vast swathes of the year!

I hope to see you soon! Andy

PS I know you are expecting details of the big concerts in November. There were a few more details to iron out but we will send these ASAP.


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