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Feb 26th session Harpenden

Hey everyone.Once again, my most sincere apologies for the booking mishap last week leading us to miss our session (and busk outside the church for a while).It's been resolved now and, I very much hope, will never happen again.We are going to publish our final dates all the way up to September so we know when we're breaking. (These are very close to the website ones,with a couple of adjustments for shows I'm doing!).We will ensure that this session is still covered so we don't miss out on any time!This coming Monday we will do what we planned to do last week, so:we're going to finish off the Mamma Mia (please run over your machine-gun 'money' intro! Then we'll carry on with How does a moment. It's sounding momentus already. For the sing-a-long, let's do I can see clearly now.

The 3rd April concert is locked in now, so please book that in if you're able to attend.It is the Harpenden memorial hospital. Arrival at 12pm for a 12:30pm start. Finished by 1pm.Can't wait to see everyone on Monday.


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