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Feb 5th & 12th Harpenden

Hey everyone. Thanks for a fab session this week.Hopefully the seating change helped and we could all hear eachother.If you've any thoughts about how to make it even better, let me know!I could hear everyone marvellously.

I can't get next week covered by my amazing Adam, so we're going to miss next Monday,and come back on the 12th Feb. This break will effecively swap from the session we would have missedon the 19th Feb.When we return on the 12th, we are going to finish the Super Trooper section of the Mamma Mia, and then move right to the end and start on section U (page 33 bar 199) and take that to the end.We'll also continue with How does a moment last forever as it's sounding so lovely and I want to add it to our rep.Dates wise, the lunch concert is looking to be the end of March/first week of April.Can you please let me know what kind of lunch times during the week are best for you. It would be a 12-1pm commitment.I'm in talks to rekindle the St.Albans cathedral concert, and that is looking to be on the 20th July, right before we break for summerwhich I think would make a great end-o-term celebration! Pencil this in please! All login issues and emails things should have been resolved now, but let me know if you've still any trouble! (Or better yet, Mike as he canactually fix them!).BestArtie(See you on the 12th!)


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