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Further explanation:

Hi all.

I wanted to explain to you what has happened and why.

Before Covid, we were open 48 weeks a year and the price was £115 per quarter! Termly choirs were £89 per quarter.

After Covid, we thought that we needed to find a way to lower the price. So we decided to follow a similar term to the Rock Choir. They open for 30 weeks per year only. In the summer, they have “extras” for which they charge more (they call them workshops).

It became apparent though that 30 weeks just wouldn’t work for us. We really needed 37 without these ”summer workshops” costing extra.

So what we did was to “split the difference”. So instead of £115 per quarter as we were, we are now at £90 per quarter. This gives us enough nights and is still a lot cheaper than we were. For termly choirs it is just £1 per quarter dearer than pre-covid 2 years ago.

Our mistake I think was a communication problem and I am truly sorry for that. But I did want to explain to you exactly why things were changed.

Please see the previous post for the original email.


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