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Hale 12th May

Hi everyone!

As we have 2 short concerts coming up on the 5th June, let’s start the preparations for this on Thursday evening! (Back at the usual venue!!)

I have thought long and hard about our set list! As we are singing outside, I have tried to choose songs we mostly all know as well as ones that we tend to sing together as much as possible. Singing outside can be tricky as the sound just doesn’t travel as well as indoors, so we are reliant on lots of people singing up and all at the same time!

As some of you can’t make it, I also want to ask Wilmslow and Marple if they would like to join us too, just to help make up the numbers.

Here is the song list:

Fields of Good

Bring him home

Under The Moon

The Rose


Daydream Believer

Let The River Run

Rainbow Connection

Why we Sing

There was one more thing… Kevin asked if we would mind singing the National Anthem too?

I didn’t think it would be a problem. I will try and find a simple harmony, but I think we all know the tune! (Unlike most footballers 🤣🤣)

See you all on Thursday evening!!

Mike :)


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