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Hale and Wilmslow Program for Week beginning 2/8/21

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed last week's session as much as I did! It really was so amazing to see you all! I'd quite forgotten what it was like to hear the sound of our lovely choir and it was all quite emotional to be honest!

Although, I did drive home with a great big smile on my face! :)

Just a quick reminder, if you are not vaccinated, please don't forget to take a lateral flow test and bring your results to choir. :) You are welcome to scan Track and Trace as you enter and don't forget your hand sanitiser for now.

Like I mentioned in the session, you are welcome to take masks off once seated and if you wish to keep yours on for any reason, no one will ask questions. Genuinely, i just want everyone to build and feel confident again. I know this takes time. :)

This week, let's carry on with our 2 new songs: You Rise Me Up and Somewhere Only We Know.

For a sing along, please bring along the songs from last week (Bring Him Home, Let The River Run, The Prayer as well as True Colours! Please do print off your music or organise with family/ friends to print for you as currently I won't be bringing any spare copies.

Wilmslow - we are still at the parish Hall and Hale, we are still at The Bowden Rooms until September - Thank you so much to Allison in the sopranos for helping us out. We will be back at St. Peters Hall in September. :)

As always, if you have any questions, I am here at Magic Voices Head Quarters (AKA my kitchen table haha).

Oh, one more thing, I am going to work out how to post my weekly email to the Magic Voices Website today! - this will make it much easier for you to just log in and see what we are singing that week. I will let you know once I understand what i am doing(!!)

See you later this week!

Mike :)


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