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Hale: Bowdon Rooms Concert...

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we are rehearsing this coming Thursday evening as we have the concert on Friday!

So, this week, we will continue to practice our 3 songs: One Day More, South Pacific and Bring Him Home.

Rob did say that he will bring some friends along to sing in their parts too. :)

On Friday, We need to be at The Bowdon Rooms ready to rehearse at 6pm. My suggestion is that we come along dressed and ready to go by 5.45pm so we can get positioned on stage.

If anyone has ‘one person’ coming along, they can come and sit with the choir, no problem at all.

For a discounted ticket price, you can use: Bowdon20 and that will get you a 20% discount.

This is only for guests. We do not pay to take part in concerts as we are providing a service. :)

We can have a quick chat about dress code on Thursday evening and I will send out another reminder on Friday morning. :)

See you on Thursday evening!

Mike :)


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