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Hale Final Session of 2023

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all received my email/ Facebook post/ Blog post re our Concerts. Do have a look as they explain everything :)

As you all know, this coming Thursday will be our final session of 2023. This is a much less formal evening than usual (not that we are formal :) but it is an opportunity to just enjoy each others’ company and share some food.

It is a tradition that we rush back to the hall after performing at One St Peters’ Square and set out the hall for a ‘Chippy Tea’.

In order to make things easier for the chippy, I am restricting the menu as follows: FISH £6.50

CHIPS £3.00 (regular) £5.00 (large)

Sides - peas, curry or gravy £1.50 each.

If you would like to partake, please email Helen directly with your order. Helen will compile a list. You can email her at:

Please bring the exact money to the session on Thursday. Helen may also give the option to transfer monies direct to her account. Please do help me with this as Helen has often found herself ‘out of pocket’ and has had to pay the Chip Shop more of her own money to cover the bill.

Eating may delay the start of the session slightly but then it is over to you!

Would you like to sing a song? Tell a Joke? Read a Poem? Do a Magic Trick? Duet? Trio? More? :)

Who brought the musical bells last year? Could we do that again?

Please let me know if you’d like to perform as it would be great if we could have some extra performances in-between our own singing. If anyone has any other ideas, I am open to suggestion. :)

See you all soon!

Mike :)


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