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Harpenden JAN 30

Hello everyone, hope you're keeping well and warm!

Thanks for a great session last week and a huge welcome to all our newcomers!

We're delighted to have along and hope you enjoy your time with us. Please do take advantage of the audio tracks in the members area of the Magic Voices Web page. All parts for all songs are recorded individually and you may find them useful, particularly for songs the choir have sung before.

As I mentioned yesterday, our next session will be taken by the wonderful Artemis.

The programme for Monday 30th January is as follows:

1. With a Little Help From My Friends-recap & work through

2. Hushabye Mountain-Refresh & Sing through

3. I Can See Clearly Now-recap & work through

4. A Million Dreams 2018-sing through

For all our newcomers, the choir have sung numbers 2 & 4 before although we will be refreshing number 2 & going through individual parts. Number 4 will just be a sing through although you are MORE than welcome to join in! Otherwise, feel free to listen and enjoy!

As always, please bring your own music. I won't be able to print any copies off for you this week but if you get really stuck, I'm sure someone will be willing to share :)

A reminder to all, that as well as this email and the Facebook page, I always post the programme for the following week on the blog in the members area on the website on a Tuesday so you should also be able to find it there.

Look forward to seeing you on a week on Monday. Have a great session with Artemis!


Sufia x


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