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Harpenden 11th September

Hey everyone.

What a fab session that was!

Really hope everyone enjoyed being back, and thanks for welcoming the tasters. Hopefully some of them will join

our merry band.

Apologies for selecting the wrong Greatest Showman song! I didn't realise we'd started this is me.


For next Monday, we'll do THIS IS ME, and I've already one soloist lined up. Would love another one if anyone is up for it!

We'll also start on some much requested MEDLEY'S!

I'd love to bring out the Elton John medley please.

Those two, combined with our sing along song Downtown (using it again so we can remember last week's polish and because

we have some potential tasters again this Monday and I have the music for them) will be more than enough.

So, This is me

Elton John Medley


Can I just ask anyone who didn't attend on Monday to email me on here to cast your vote as to whether we move venue or not.

It was an overwhelming majority on Monday, but I want to make sure everyone is asked before we start the ball rolling!

A simple 'Yes' or 'No' in an email or message will be fine.

Speaking of messages, our fab sop Katy is going to be creating a group Whatsapp for everyone who is groovy with technology

and wants to join. This will just be a relay of the email each week so no worries if you want to keep receiving them this way.

Please email her at: with your number and she'll get you setup.

Phew, that's everything!

See you soon



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