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Harpenden 29th session

Hey everyone.

Thanks for a great session on Monday and our final session at Roundwood! (unless we need to head back

there for emergency reasons!).

From next Monday onwards, we will be in the Methodist Church, Harpenden High street. (Last week's venue).

Some of seem to be under the impression that we will head to the hall eventually.

That was the original plan, but the jazzercise people beat us to it, and have it booked for the foreseeable.

I'm actually very happy with this as the acoustic and feel of the church proper are better any how, and moving

the chairs around is a lot easier when they are already out, than having to get them out and put them away.

On that point, we will recreate the setup from the school as closely as we can, and I will set up upon the stairs

so as to solve the two main sticking points that we had. It'll take a few tweaks, but we'll get there!

Please book this year's Christmas concert into your diaries. December 5th at St John's, Harpenden. 7pm start so probably

a 5pm/5:30pm call time.

I'll add the other dates and times as soon as they're confirmed.

The link to join our wonderful Whatsapp community is:

Use this, or head to Katy or Tilly (found in the high section) to be added!

For this week, we'll continue through the Mamma Mia Mega Medley so please bring all of this with you.

I'd like to sunset the Tarzan You'll be in my heart for a week, and work on How does a moment last forever. Please bring

both of these!

For the sing along, let's do This is me (with the solos at the start, if you guys are ok for it!).

Please don't forget to grab folders for your music if you don't have them already, and bring pencils/pens and water to every session!

We're working to resolve the login and email issues that our new members are facing, so hopefully that'll be sorted this week!

See you all soon.



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