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Harpenden 4th March

Hey everyone.

Thanks for Monday. Sounding sublime. Stupendous one might say :) (I won't use it that much next week I promise!).

For next week, we're going to finish these two pieces (The Mamma medley and Moment) and then we'll move on to some new rep

the week after.

For the sing along let's pull out the old Sanctus. Pretty fitting in the church!

I do have some unfortunate news. The powers that be at Harpenden Memorial Hosp have decided that the clinic will be too busy

on the Wednesday for us to be in the foyer singing (I don't understand it either, and neither does our organiser).

They've said we're welcome to be out on the lawn (and immediate no of course, especially in April) and they've offered us the Friday following it

Friday 5th. Same time, same place.

That's fine for me, but I need to check you guys can do it.

Really annoying, but out of my hands sadly.

Please reply here, and to the poll I shall promptly make to let me know if you can do it! Set list for this will follow shortly!

Anyone with login troubles who came to see me, rest assured the admins are working to fix it this week!

See you all on Monday!




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