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Harpenden April 8th

Hey everyone. Thanks for a great session last Monday, and for everyone who made it to our little afternoon sing at the Hospital.We had an audience of about 10-12 people, with more passing through, and there were many smiles all around.THIS is why we do this. The magic of music is that it affects not just us, but others out in the world. We've no idea what other people are going through,but for that 30 mins of that day, they forgot everything and just enjoyed the music. This is why I love this group and why I do what I do. Thank you so much for coming along! She wants another in the summer...maybe outside though you know my thoughts on that! We'll work something out!In any case, for this coming Monday, we're going to focus on some technique work, and focus on some skills that I want us to really hone.They'll help us a great deal with our concerts and gigs coming up.We'll kick off with a sing-along. Let's do Africa!Then we'll tackle the guys and dolls section we started on before. That is, starting from letter G, but bring the whole thing please!I'd then love to try something we've not done before: The Rose.Very different style, and will be a really good gear shift for us all.The following week (15th April), we are meant to have two tasters, so just a heads up!

See you all soonArtie


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