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Harpenden Monday 17th

Hey everyone. Hope we're all enjoying our Easter break! I've tried to wrangle various polling websites to get a simple ranking poll for you to fill out but it's proving to be a logistical nightmare so we're going to do it slightly differently! I'll pop our set-list in below and if anyone has any thoughts or musings you are more than welcome to reply to me and we can go from there! For everyone else, we'll chat it through on the 17th April when we come back. Ideally most of will know these songs and we'll be able to get them up to speed in the 4 sessions we have before the concert! Please get the music for these sorted (and in order ideally!) so we can't hit the ground running. Here is the set-list as is (in performance order!): 1:Don't stop me now 2:Build me up buttercup 3:Go the distance 4:Billy Joel Medley 5:Bring him home 6:On a clear day 7:Summer nights (Grease) Extra if needed: Sweet Caroline Looking forward to seeing you all Monday! Best Artie


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