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Harpenden November 28th Schedule

Hello everyone, hope you’re well. Thanks for a really great rehearsal last night. On Monday 28th November we will be doing a run of our December concert programme The running order is as follows. Please note the addition of Winter Wonderland & ommision of Mister Blue Sky so please adjust your folders accordingly :)

· Winter Wonderland: 2, 08

· O Holy Night: 4,15

· Les Mis Medley: 8,34

· Let it Go: 3,40

· From A Distance: 4,13

· Let The River Run: 3,17

· Xmas Carol Medley: 3,58

· A Million Dreams: 4,33

· Christmas Medley: 5,07

After the run, I'll be giving notes & going over any bits we have time for so please bring a pencil or something to make notes with as we may not have time to rehearse all details. As always, if you can bring your own music, that’d be great and if you need copies printing, I can do so at £1 per number but please let me know via email at NOT my magic voices email ideally by the weekend so I can arrange this.

So pleased with the work you're all putting in & really looking forward to our forthcoming concerts. Everyone please stay warm, well & have a good rest of week.

Sufia x


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