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Harpenden SEP 27

Hello everyone! Hope you鈥檙e having a good week.

Thanks for Monday鈥檚 session. Great sounds once again 馃榿

Thanks also for the ongoing requests, I really am spoilt for choice so please do keep them coming in!

The schedule for Monday 27th is as follows:

路LES MIS-singsong (really looking forward to this one!)

路UNDER THE MOON OF LOVE (fine tuning)

路SOUND OF MUSIC (quick recap, as needed and up to Letter S)

路BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY-singsong (Excited and intrigued by this!)

Please do bring along your own music as always. If anyone has any problems with doing this, I am happy to give you a spare copy at 拢1 per number but would be grateful if you could let me know this by the weekend to give me a chance to sort this out for you.

Can I also take this opportunity to say a huge welcome to our new members and say how lovely it is to have you join us. The choir have certainly made me feel very welcome and I hope you are enjoying it so far. Regarding the singsongs, please don鈥檛 worry at all about not knowing specific parts for these. The choir have spent a lot of time learning these so you are not expected to know them. They are on the website if you wish to have a look/listen before the session but you are more than welcome to join in with the tunes and enjoy singing those. You will of course pick up bits and pieces of specific parts as you go along too 馃榿

Hope you all have a lovely rest of week and I look forward to seeing you all for a good sing on Monday!

Sufia x


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