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Hi Everyone, great work last night. It is very important that you keep up the practising with the tracks on the website. I will see you on the 6th of September, all being well. I'll post a couple of photos if I can.

Don't forget that you are now on a 2 week break and will be back on the 30th of August, when Henry, (he's recently been covering for Andrew Randall at Solihull and Sutton), will be there to rehearse with you.

Here is the list of songs for the 10th of September, in concert order. Please get your folders/tablets all set up and ready to go. We all agreed that the dress code for the gig is red tops and black on the lower half.

  1. Downtown (3.31)

  2. Beautiful Medley (7.00)

  3. A Million Dreams (4.33)

  4. South Pacific Medley (7.36)

  5. Bridge Over Troubled Water (3.32)

  6. The Sound of Music Medley (8.31)

  7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (3.09)

  8. Phantom Medley (8.09)

Total (45.21)

Don't forget that this is an outdoor festival, so I have not put too many slow songs in, as they will struggle to come across. There is something for everyone.

All the best to you all and see you on the 6th.

David xx


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