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Dear lovely Magic Voices Midlands! *PROGRAMME AT BOTTOM OF MESSAGE* I hope you've all had a lovely week's rest and are ready for the final three-week push towards our fantastic concert at the NEC. I'll attach a slightly revised programme below, as I think I gave us a little more work than necessary. So we'll do a reduced programme, and sing everything well; we'll simply repeat this for both 30min sessions. Also, the NEC has been in touch and has said we can have max.40 singers on stage. So I will make two lists of names (one for each session), meaning everyone gets a chance to sing in at least one of the performances; I hope that seems like a fair solution. Tenors/Baritone/Lows, I think we'll need all of you for both sessions if possible, but there will be some swapping in the Mids/Highs. That means, though, that many of you will get your first chance to actually listen to Magic Voices and hear the wonderful sound I'm treated to each week! Any questions, get in touch :) Andrew. PROGRAMME 21st NOV A Million Dreams Carol of the Bells Christmas Medley (Silver Bells) Have yourself a merry little Christmas It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Let is Go (Frozen) The Prayer Winter Wonderland XMAS Carol medley


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