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Hi everyone

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I hope you've enjoyed the festive period and are raring to get back to choir!

I know that we have a concert at St Alban's on FRIDAY 26TH JANUARY, but we also need to welcome some tasters. So there will be a brand new programme next week, so that everyone is in the same boat from a learning point of view. Knowing how well you all know the programme for St Alban's (all songs taken from your last 2 performances), we will only need one session to recap these and this will be nearer to the date of the concert. So keep practising!

Next week's programme is as follows:

A WHOLE NEW WORLD - a chance for you to show off to tasters!

THE LION KING -  this is new for everyone. We will be beginning at BAR 106 and learning to the end.

MAMMA MIA MEDLEY - again, this is new for everyone and something Andy has been working on over Christmas. We will be starting at BAR 26 and learning to bar 67 initially.

LOVE REALLY HURTS WITHOUT YOU - another chance for you to show off to the tasters and send them away buzzing!

I know I can always rely on you guys to be welcoming and friendly to the tasters. I'll be out front, meeting and greeting, with the obligatory folders. We need to recruit as many as we can. As you know, walking into a hall full of strangers can be intimidating, so if you see anyone struggling with their music or generally looking a bit lost, please give them a hand.

See you all next week!

Andrew x


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