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Hi Maccers

You were absolutely outstanding this week everyone! You sang with such energy and commitment, it was a total joy, and I drove home with a big smile on my face! So great to have all those chaps with us too.

Next week's programme looks like this:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - a trip down memory lane!

THE LION KING - this is sounding fantastic. Well done with all the chanting. I still can't believe you learned 48 bars!

MAMMA MIA MEDLEY - continuing into Supertrooper

MEMORY - continuing the trip down MEMORY Lane haha!

Newbies, you all seem to be settling in really well, and I hope you're enjoying it. Don't forget to join us on the Magic Voices Maccelsfield Facebook group, where this email isalways posted - and also on the website blog in the Members' Area. As I said on Wedneday night, please keep the chat down to a minimum during rehearsal so that members are able to fully concentrate on learning - you can always go to the pub afterwards!

See you on Wednesday.

Andrew x


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