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Magic Voices Telford 27th July

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Blog!!

This week...we will continue with Beautiful and Fields of Gold.

The best thing to do for now is bring everything we have done so far! That way, we can choose the songs we wish to sing and clean up little bits here and there as we go!

I know that the Beautiful Medley looks an absolute mammoth of a task! This is our very first Medley where lots of songs are put together! It is a fantastic piece and there are opportunities for solos too!

I will send out a separate post/email re auditions for the concert as I know many of you are keen and have been asking questions.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday!


PS - if you are not receiving the emails, Please don't panic and you are not alone! We are working on a new system to make sure everyone receives all the information! For now, Here is the place to be as well as the Facebook group!

You can still contact me directly at:

See you all on Wednesday!

Mike :)


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