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March 11th Harpenden

Hey everyone.Thanks for another great rehearsal on Monday.Next week we'll kick off with California Dreamin' as our sing along.Then we'll recap How does a moment and finish it up.Then we'll move on a finish the Mamma Mia medley, before getting started ona new chart is going up this week: Guys and Dolls medley.It's not on the site right now, but will be in the next few days. It's one of my favourite shows so I can't wait to get going!A quick reminder that the afternoon concert at Harpenden Memorial Hospital is at 12:30pm on Friday 5th April.

Please pop in your diaries that there is no rehearsal on Monday 18th March (2 Monday's time).We'll spend the next two weeks finishing up our current songs, starting on the Guys and Dolls,then we'll refresh the set list for the little April concert. Very low pressure, and will consist of songs we did last year, plus How does a moment and the Mamma Mia!Set list coming next week!BestArtie


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