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Marple 8th June Rehearsal and 25th June Concert

Hi everyone,

Great rehearsal on Wednesday, some lovely sounds were being made!

Just a reminder that next week is half term so we won't have a rehearsal next week, next rehearsal will be 1st June. Also, here's an early email for the schedule for next rehearsal and some details for the concert on 25th June.

8th June Rehearsal:

Could we please bring:

South Pacific,


From a Distance,

Why We Sing

West Side Story(Might not get on to this but if we've got a bit of time then we'll do a little bit)

June 25th Concert at Romiley Community Day in the Park

We've been given a 12.00 slot to sing for half an hour so could everyone singing please arrive no later than 11.40. Dress code will be Black with a splash of red.

The setlist is as follows (not necessarily in this order):

South Pacific Medley

From a Distance

The Rose

Scarborough Fair


Why We Sing

(This set is exactly 30 mins at the moment so I may cut one of the shorter ones but for now, if we assume that this will be it).

If you haven't emailed me to let me know that you would like to sing, it's not too late.

Enjoy your week off and I'll see you all on 8th June!



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