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Marple and Hale 22nd/23rd March

Hi Everyone!

I hope you (Marple) had a great session with Ged last week. I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you, honestly, I was suffering with complete exhaustion. I am starting to recover now and looking forward to getting back to singing! :)

Hale - I am sorry I was a little weary(!!) I’m on my way back to full strength again now :)

This week, please bring along..

The Rose

Rainbow Connection

South Pacific

This is Why we Sing

I am raining money for Children in Ukraine who are not getting the much needed insulin they need for their diabetes. I am running 10K with our local running club in just under 2 weeks - thank goodness as I need the practice(!!) :)

If you would like to sponsor me, here is the link:

Have a great weekend!

Mike :)


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