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Marple Big Taster Evening 16th January

Marple Choir:

Hi everyone! It was genuinely lovely to see you all last night and thank you for being so open with me. :)

It really is wonderful to be back and I can't wait to get stuck in to the new songs with you all! :)

If anyone does have any further comments, please do get in touch with me at

First job... I think we need a new hall. The acoustics in Bradshaw Hall are not good at all. Please can you help me by making some suggestions? Your local knowledge would be a fantastic help. :)

So...Next week(!!) Taster Night!..

We have 49 new people to welcome and I know it will be a really fun evening. Please can you bring along 2 of the new songs:

I Can See Clearly Now

With A Little Help from My friends

These are 2 really great arrangements and very uplifting songs. They will be lots of fun for me to teach too :)

Please can you also bring along Bring Him Home - This is so that we can perform to our new guests.

Finally, please bring along The Sound Of Music Medley - This will be a great one to finish with as everyone knows the melodies to the songs from this medley and will be able to join in.

I can't wait to get going next week! (If you want to brush up on Bring Him Home and The Sound Of Music - That would be great!

See you next Monday!

Mike :)


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