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Marple Hale and Wilmslow - Week beginning Monday 30th January


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

From this week, I will just write the one program email which will include Marple, Hale and Wilmslow.

I know many of you are wondering when our big concert will be this year (and also wondering when to book your holidays).

Many of you won’t know that Helen (my helper at Hale) is now our concert organiser. I will be working hard with Helen this week to get all our Magic Voices concerts booked over the next week and a half. That’s 14 concerts to organise!

We now have lots of new members which make up around 20% of our choir and I need to make sure we all have enough time to learn lots of new songs so that everyone can feel involved. 🙂

As you all know, when we do a big concert, we always bring all 3 of our choirs together so we have this amazing wall of sound! 😃

In the meantime, I had an idea that we could also do a big Christmas concert. This will mean lots of Christmas songs, traditional carols, opportunities for small groups and soloists. This will be an amazing candle lit concert at All Saints Church in Heaton Chapel (Mum’s Church). We have performed here many times before and the acoustics are fabulous for a large concert.

This will take place on Saturday 9th December. We will very possibly start rehearsing for this during August as so to be ready in time! 🎄

Our other Big Concert will most likely be in October but I will confirm this as soon as we have a venue booked. I did look at June as a possibility but there will simply not be enough time to involve everyone if we did it that early (or enough songs to sing)

Rest assured, once these concerts are booked, they will happen, they will not be postponed or cancelled.

There will, of course, be other smaller opportunities for us to sing in the meantime too. And on that note, pleases do let me know if you belong to an organisation that may enjoy a little choir concert 🙂

So this week…

Please bring along:

Little Help From My Friends

I Can See Clearly

For a sing song:

Lion king medley

A Million Dreams (just for fun)

Soon, our new members will have learned the new songs, so we will be able to use these as sing along’s whilst we learn more new material.

New members - please do print out A Million Dreams if you would like to join in with the melody! It’s lots of fun!

The choir will perform The Lion King to you!

Looking forward to seeing you all later this week!



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