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Marple, Hale, Wilmslow 3/7/23

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all had a great weekend!

This week, we will continue with our Evita Medley and Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

Please bring EVERYTHING along to the rehearsal so that we can continue to cherry pick through our music for the 15th October.

Here is the current song list:

This is Me

A Million Dreams (not the 2 part version).

Evita Medley

South Pacific Medley

This Is Why We Sing

Under The Moon Of Love

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Little Help From My Friends

I can See Clearly

Go The Distance

The Way We Were

You Raise Me Up

Billy Joel Medley

Lion King

Les Mis Medley

Please help me congratulate our soloists for both the October and Christmas concerts!

Chris Hyde - October Faith Shorinwa - October Julia Peacock - October Sophie Robinson - October Chloe Madden - October Kevin Smith and Ros Armstrong (Duet) - October.

Martin Duguid - Christmas Hannah Robinson - Christmas Alan Hulme - Christmas Caroline Melliar-Smith - Christmas Meg Lmg - Christmas

Thanks so much to everyone who has auditioned… If you didn’t get a solo this time, please don’t be too disheartened. I only wish I could fit everyone in!

I have a few more to ask about Seasons of Love but if I have asked you in Hale, please stay at the end of the rehearsal so we can sort it out!

See you all soon, Mike


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